Living in Grangegorman

Grangegorman was until the arrival of DIT (now known as TUD) was a very quiet, tranquil and almost forgotten part of the city. It also had an established community which was a mix of former hospital employees and younger professional types who wanted to live in the city. Its proximity to the Phoenix Park added to teh appeal of the area.

Unfortunately this all changed with the arrival of DIT. The immanent arrival of large amounts of students made it an attractive proposition for developers who saw the potential of making a good return on investment by providing purpose built student accommodation. This lead to what some locals believe to be an overconcentration of accommodation for the transient student population and and budget ‘apart hotels’ for tourists.

There are a number of issues caused by the change in the demographic of the area. There is limited parking in Grangegorman and one public carpark. People driving to the area to avail of the facilities on the Grangegorman Campus tend to use the ‘on street’ parking which causes problems for the residents. Apcoa manage the parking on the one campus carpark and booking can be done through the Apcoa website.